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Hidden treasures

To solve age-old puzzles, you have to catch the scarabs that hide under the cards. You can only remove a card if it is in your deck immediately before or after the card.

Catch escaping scarabs and find clues to help you find hidden treasures and wonders of the ancient world.

Play each episode to find hidden treasures and discover new magical worlds to fulfill Henri’s prophecy.

Visit places like “Secret Tomb”, “Emerald Dream” and other remote corners of the world for an unforgettable adventure!

You can play alone or with friends. Compete and find out who can score more points!

About the Game: Features etc

Pyramid Solitaire Features:

  • Popular solitaire in a new format with beautiful exotic patterns and an atmosphere of antiquity;
  • Explore new magical worlds with the treasure hunter Helena and the clever little mouse Kingsley;
  • Useful amplifiers to help you cope with difficult levels;
  • Go through exciting levels in search of new accelerators and hidden treasures;
  • Interesting game that requires certain skills;
  • Hundreds of exciting levels that will soon get bigger;
  • Compete with friends and other players for places in the rankings;
  • The game can be easily synchronized between devices. And when you connect to the Internet, all the features of the game will open;
  • Game for mobile devices and tablets.

In this single-card game you have to combine the cards and sort the pyramid into rows. This is just one of the many games waiting for you in the Pyramid Solitaire collection. The collection includes five famous games that the company has promoted over the past several decades. How many points can you get?

Pyramid Solitaire Features

  • Classic solitaire game in the shape of a pyramid;
  • Gently pull or touch the card;
  • Choose a different card style;
  • Unlimited free cancellation;
  • Unlimited free tips;
  • Solve a daily quest and win a crown, a platinum crown and a trophy;
  • The scoreboard shows the best indicators;
  • Track your records using statistics;
  • Tablet support.

The mechanics of Pyramid Solitaire are extremely simple: you and your opponent both have a deck of cards, one of the cards is flipped. The object of the game is to collect the maximum number of cards in your deck, while you can only take cards if your card is higher than the previous one.